Nadereh Chamlou is a former Senior Advisor to the Chief Economist at the World Bank's Middle East and North Africa Region. In her 33-year career with the World Bank, she held managerial, advisory, technical, and coordination positions across the World Bank and International Finance Corporation in economic management, private sector development, financial markets, knowledge economy, infrastructure, environmental sustainability, corporate governance, and gender and development. In addition to the Middle East and North Africa, her experience extends to Latin America, East Asia and Pacific, and Eastern Europe. She co-authored a World Bank flagship report on “Corporate Governance:  A Framework for Implementation” (1999), and cofounded the World Bank/OECD sponsored Global Corporate Governance Forum which she headed its Secretariat from 1998-2000.  
Her research focused on labor markets, particularly on talent pool and knowledge economy, stressing competitiveness and growth through diversity.  She authored “Gender and Development in the Middle East and North Africa Region – Women in the Public Sphere” (2003); and “The Environment for Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Region” (2008). She has contributed articles to various journals and is a frequent speaker in international conferences. Mrs. Chamlou has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Tunis-based Center for Arab Women’s Training and Research (CAWTAR). She is a founding member of the Gender Economic Research and Policy Analysis (GERPA) and a member of its Steering and Advisory Committees; Member of the Advisory Council of the Global Fund for Women and Girls; Member of the Board of the Iranian International Economic Association (IIEA), and Member of the International Advisory Committee of the Netherland Business University (Nyenrode). She was Adjunct Professor at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Policy; and member of the scientific committee of the Dutch Gender Task Force. She has a B.S. in Foreign Service and a M.A. in Economics from Georgetown University and is fluent in Persian, English, German, French, and working knowledge of Spanish and Dutch.